Cinema Websites

We've been making beautiful cinema websites since 2007. We know your audience. Today, we focus on mobile-first design patterns because 70% of your website traffic comes from mobile devices. The key to our website service is allowing cinema owners to take a hands-off approach. Movies and showtimes are automatically updated and changing content is extremely simple using our custom website administration.

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Point of Sale

Our new cloud-based POS system has been specifically designed for independent cinemas. Ease of use was our key focus during development. Accessible from any internet-connected device, we eliminate the need for specialty hardware at every station. Per station licensing? What is this, 1998? Use our web-based system on as many stations as you like, the price is the same!

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Customer Relationship Management

Don't tell anyone, but this is our Secret Sauce! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is usually reserved for multi-million dollar systems. The ability to know your customer before they walk in the door...know their last visit, rewards status, preferences for genre, concessions, seating, etc. We're bringing this ability to independent cinemas.

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Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing is still the best method for getting actual sales. Our automated weekly newsletters are a great tool for cinemas. We also use targeted email blasts based on customer engagement. Send a "free popcorn" email to customers who haven't been to the theater in 3 months...NO PROBLEM!

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Online Ticketing

Mobile-friendly and built directly into your cinema website, our online ticketing system runs rings around the competition. Simplified flows make checkout a breeze. Seamlessly combined with Concession Sales, our online ticketing experience is highly effective.

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Concession Sales Online

Another leap forward for independent cinemas, we make it simple to add your concession sales directly into the online ticketing checkout flow. Offer specials and upsells with ease.

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Empower your customers to buy their own tickets or redeem internet purchases using our customer-friendly kiosk software. Kiosks help to lower your labor costs, keep customer lines short, and temper customer frustration.

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Digital Signage

Our digital signage system is simple to setup and maintain. Simple signage solutions for auditorium, box office, coming attraction posters, concessions and more!

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