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We've been creating beautiful cinema websites since 2007. The pandemic forced us to review our value proposition for cinemas.

Our goal from the beginning was to provide independent cinema owners with marketing capabilities of multi-million dollar ad campaigns. As we laid out our path forward, we identified several bottlenecks.

We've developed our system to eliminate all the bottlenecks, save you money, and increase your revenue...

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What We Do

Making your life easier and making you more money.
These are our mandates. Here's how we do it:

Cinema Websites

Beautiful, mobile-friendly websites with a customer-first design [more]


Fully featured cloud-based point of sale. Use any device w/ internet access [more]

Customer Management

Store payment info, loyalty, gift cards. Get to know your patrons on a new level [more]

Email Marketing

Hands-free, targeted email marketing like the big circuits! [more]


Build your marketing lists by offering rewards for cinema purchases [more]


Cut labor costs by adding self-service kiosks to buy tickets and check-in [more]

Online Ticketing

Branded ticketing directly on your cinema website [more]

Concession Sales

Sell concessions online in the same transaction as tickets [more]

Digital Signage

Auditorium, Box Office, Concessions - easy setup and maintenance [more]

3rd Party Integrations

We integrate with Comscore, Fandango,, and your TMS [more]

Easy Switching Service

We made the process of switching from your POS to PRIME simple [more]



Show me the money!
No smoke and mirrors, we bring receipts!

Service Consolidation

Save money by eliminating redundant services. Our system combines the following services:

Point of Sale (POS), Website, Marketing, Online Ticketing, Digital Signage, Loyalty/Rewards, Time Clock, Inventory & more

Guest Ticketing Fees

Exclusive to our system, guest users pay higher service fees versus registered users.

1) Increase service fee revenue by 20%
2) Encourages more users to register, expanding your marketing audience

Reduce Labor / Increase Speed

By encouraging your patrons to purchase their concessions online, you reduce your labor burden and increase line speeds.

Patrons simply check in and wait for their food to be made. Less people staring at the menu boards trying to figure out their order! Adding self-service kiosks can further reduce labor costs.

Targeted Marketing

With our consolidated system, targeting users with marketing messages is simple and automated. Our targeted messaging leads to more clicks which leads to more purchases and visits to your cinema.

Eliminate PCI Compliance

We know the burden PCI compliance has on your organization. Our system was built PCI Compliant right out of the box. You will no longer need to complete any extended PCI Compliance testing.

No more lengthy checklists only to find out your network isn't up to muster. No more threats from your credit card processor about non-compliance.

Card Processing Fee Savings

With our system, save on credit card processing fees. This means more money in your pocket!

In the case of one customer, we were able to save them 27% per month! If you are using Heartland or Worldpay, it's highly likely we'll be able to get you a cheaper rate.