Cinema Websites

Since opening our virtual doors in 2007, the internet has evolved a great deal. Cinema Hosting has also evolved...from the beginning when we had 5 different templates to present day with our custom-built responsive designs. We believe your website is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers. MAKE IT COUNT!

Beautiful Everywhere!

Cinema Website Benefits

Hands-free website updates!

If you utilize a point of sale (POS) system (ex. RTS, Retriever, Sensible, Radiant, etc.), updating your website requires NO EXTRA EFFORT. Simply update your POS with your new and current showtimes and your website will update automatically! No POS system? No problem...we have created a simple movie import that allows you to keep your schedule in Excel and upload it when you are ready.

Strong Customer Impression

Your website is the first step in turning a potential customer into a paying customer. If your website looks like it was designed in 2001, it sets the wrong mindset for the customer. A customer becomes a repeat customer when they have a positive experience starting with your website and ending with an enjoyable theatre visit.

Establish Your Brand

A website sets the tone for the customer experience. Big chains know this and they spend big money on websites and advertising to solidify their branding. We do the same for you, except we don't charge big money!


Don't leave it to where your customers are! We ensure your website is accessible from all major browsers and devices. We automatically adjust your website for mobile viewing. We integrate with Facebook and Twitter. We can create a mobile app just for your theatre!

Income Potential

Sell ad space on your cinema website as you would your pre-show ads.

Save Time and Money!

$100,000 to $150,000 plus maintenance! That's the price you would pay a reputable development company to create all the features we've packed into our system! We handle all the tough stuff so you can concentrate on more important things like family and growing your business!

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Cinema Website Features

Cinema Hosting believes you should get MORE than what you pay for! With that in mind, we have packed a huge amount of features into our product. When we are training our customers, the most common reaction is: "Wow, you have a lot of nice features, how much extra will it cost me to use them?" We LOVE to hear this...our response is always simply "it's included in the price!" This tells us: we are providing the right options at an affordable price.

Here are some of our key product features:

Professionally Designed Websites

We work with each theatre to come up with a design concept that works for them...integrating logos, color schemes and cinema photos.

Automatic Website Updates

We can integrate directly with your POS system to automatically update your cinema website. Keeping your website updated is as simple as updating your POS system.

Cinema Newsletters

Getting your showtimes in front of your customers has never been easier. Cinema Hosting automatically emails your announcements, showtimes, coming attractions and box office numbers each and every week. No interaction from you is necessary...just make sure to have your showtimes in the system, we'll take care of the rest!

Mobile Device Recognition

Mobile device viewership of cinema websites is growing every day! With our new responsive design, cinema websites on mobile devices look spectacular! We have a cinema in a college town with over 70% of their website visitors coming from mobile devices...and their website looks beautiful on mobile devices!!!

Showtimes on Your Facebook Page

We add your current showtimes with posters to your Facebook page. Page also links to your website and online ticketing. « example »

Twitter Interactions

Post Twitter updates using our simple website administration. Promote events, movie openings and specials on your Twitter account.

Content Management for Your Website

We custom built a content management system directly into your cinema website administration. What does this mean for you? It means you can add/edit/remove pages from your cinema website any time you programming knowledge necessary!

Coming Attractions

Always a visitor favorite: we display the coming attractions for the next 3 months on your your customers the ability to see and get excited about the upcoming releases.

Professional Movie Data and Posters

No need to find the latest poster or look up casts and ratings, we handle all of this for you!

Search Engine Optimization

On average, search engines will provide over 50% of the traffic to your cinema website. We proactively optimize your website for search engines. No need to hire a Search Engine Specialist for thousands of dollars per year...we handle it for you!

Cinema Website Analytics

We provide you with state-of-the-art website analytics so you can identify visitors, traffic sources, keyword searches, geographic data, etc. All so you can better analyze your business metrics.

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