The Secrets of Choosing the Right Cinema Website Hosts & Designers

There are many companies that would like to help you design and / or eventually host your website. This is your business…your livelihood…your dream, why trust something that important to a company that doesn’t specialize in creating unique web solutions for the cinema industry?

Let us point out some differentiating factors between and those companies that design for all-comers.

Fully Integrated Website or a Parking Spot?

Most development companies will create a “parking spot” for static pages, meaning you have to provide your own content and keep it updated EVERY week with showtimes, new movies, coming attractions, etc. automatically updates your showtimes and provides you with simple to use administration tools. A quote from a recent customer sums it up best…”You mean I don’t have to do anything and the site updates itself?” EXACTLY!


A very effective way to communicate to current and potential customers is through a weekly cinema newsletter. Some providers will help you send newsletters through your Outlook program, but that is a very limited approach. You are generally restricted on the number of emails you can send and you could be labeled as a “spammer” by your provider and cutoff from your email altogether. With, we will automatically manage your email list and send out weekly newsletters with all of the pertinent information for your cinema. You continue to have access to your email list and can send special announcements at any time.

Registering and Managing Your Domain

With other web providers, you will have to register and manage your domain (, cover the costs, manage the DNS, keep the site active and remember yet another username and password. At, we manage the entire process and cover the costs, yet you retain ownership of the domain. So, if for any reason you decide to work with another website provider, you can take your domain name with you.

Template System or Hire a Designer?

You want a cinema website worthy of carrying the name of the business you have built, right? With other providers, you will need to hire a designer to create a website. In truth, you will have to tell them exactly what you want and then they go off and build a custom site. Sounds easy, right? After several revisions and months of lost time, you may finally get a website that meets your high standards. Why not work with our unique, professional system that utilizes the knowledge gained from our extensive research and industry experience. Our template provides EXACTLY what visitors to your website are looking for in a professional manner. After you have calculated the raw costs hiring a designer along with the time you will spend creating and updating the site, we believe you will find that is the clear choice for an economical, time-saving and effective theatre website. The best news is that once you say “go”, we can have your new site up in a matter of HOURS, not weeks or months.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

60% of your website visitors will come via a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. These search engines look for key words and content put together in an effective, logical manner. You have worked hard to create a business…don’t let it suffer because you aren’t ranking high enough among the search engines. is the industry leader in SEO. You found us, right? We will drive your website rankings by providing a website solution that meets the strict criteria these search engines use to prioritize website searches.

The Difference is Clear

Our customers do all of the talking for us. We continue to grow our business by providing websites that our customers (and their customers…) love to use. Our simple-to-administer theater websites provide a professional face to your business and DRIVE an increased number of customers through your doors. Everyone knows an effective website can increase business. Let help increase your revenue and profit now and in the future.