Digital Signage for Theatres

Gone are the days of the plastic Pepsi© menu boards with 2" letters! Customers expect a certain level of advancement in menu boards and box office displays. Failing to meet this basic need can send a very damaging message to your customers!

The problem for independent cinema owners: for high-quality, impressive digital signage, the cost is extremely high! Cinema Hosting bridges the gap between high-quality signage and cost-effective signage.

Digital Signage for Theatres

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Digital Signage Benefits

Impress customers

With beautiful digital signage, customers will associate your theatre and brand with new technology. One customer tells us "we get daily compliments on our signage."

Brand Recognition

Positive branding of your theatre is what keeps customers coming back. Whether it's friendly staff, clean theatres or free refills, these all contribute to your brand. Branding of your digital signage helps solidify your brand with customers.

$25,000 to $50,000 plus maintenance!

If you've received quotes from the big signage companies, these numbers will look familiar to you. This is the price you will pay for high-quality digital signage AND then you will have to pay them for maintenance! Spoiler alert: we don't charge anywhere near that amount and we handle the maintenance for you!

Save even more money!

Our signage solution allows you to handle your own hardware. This saves you money and time by locally sourcing the hardware and installation.

Income Potential

Sell ad space on your digital signage as you would your pre-show ads.

Zero-touch Maintenance

We handle the maintenance for you. We integrate with your POS system to automatically update your box office signage.

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