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Sell tickets and concessions online.

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Built exclusively for Drive-Ins and small independent cinemas who don't necessarily want a POS (point of sale) system, our new web-based Cashless Cinema provides an exceptional online experience for your patrons to purchase movie tickets and concessions. Patrons who are looking to limit contact with other people. Our system allows them to do that so they can enjoy some popcorn and a movie on the big screen!

No cash. No POS. No extra lines.
A truly contactless customer experience.

Check out our quick explainer video:




Reality? Our cost will be offset by service fees charged to your patrons...which can net your cinema a few thousand dollars profit per year! I know it sounds too good to be true, please read on...

Our service is extremely affordable at just $100 per month plus $0.50 per transaction which can be passed directly to your patrons during checkout.

Circling back to the "few thousand dollars profit" from earlier, our service allows you to charge a per ticket service fee. This fee can be any amount you like from $0 up to $2 (industry standard is $1 per ticket.) You keep 100% of the proceeds from service fees, no percentages to the studios!

See how our service is actually a revenue generator for your cinema:

Annual Revenue Calculator

Slide the values to match your cinema's numbers:

Ticket Revenue
Service Fees

Annual Total
Cashless Cinema Service

Annual Net
What about the $0.50 per transaction fee?

What about the $0.50 per transaction fee?

Our intent with the $0.50 per transaction fee is to pass that fee onto the patron so it never affects your bottom line. Essentially, making patrons pay for our service rather than the cinema! You can opt to absorb our per transaction fee with the per ticket service fees if you prefer.

Something we don't mention in the calculator is concession-only transactions which will also be assessed our $0.50 per transaction fee...BUT, you will also be able to add your own transaction fee for these transactions. This gives you the potential to add even MORE REVENUE to your net.

For example, you could charge a transaction fee of $1.00 per concession-only transaction. You would receive $0.50 and we would receive $0.50.


COVID-19 has changed the way you do business. Your patrons want a contact-free transaction. They no longer want to hand cash or a credit card to a cashier.

We see a need for theaters without a point-of-sale system to be able to sell movie tickets and concessions online. Not only does this ease customer apprehension by eliminating person-to-person contact while making their purchases, it makes your theater seem more in-step with today's society by quickly adapting.

About Cinema Hosting

Cinema Hosting is a small, family-run company. We've managed hundreds of cinema websites since 2007. We give independent cinemas the same online marketing tools as the huge a fraction of the cost! We don't believe in contracts, we believe in providing exceptional service month-to-month! We are confident we are the right tool for independent theater owners like you.